5 Shocking Facts About Nirav Modi That You May Don’t Know


Nirav Modi, a well-known face in the fashion world for his diamond jewelry is making the news but not for a good reason though. Recently he has been charged with a banking scandal of Rs 11,000 crores by Punjab National Bank.

A statement has been provided by PNB that its own officials were responsible for helping Nirav Modi with illegal documents in favor of lending loans from banks abroad. He has been the talk of the town since the scandal was out to the public eyes.

A few of the people may be aware of him, but most of us did not know a thing about him earlier. Here are some facts to look out for.

5 Shocking Facts about Nirav Modi that you probably don’t know

A Gujarat Born Billionaire

Nirav was born in Gujarat and brought up in Belgium. His family members were big diamond merchants and due to this, they shifted to Antwerp which is a global hub for diamond trade across the world.

Not just he was born billionaire, but his family too. Check out the next fact about his family

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