Launch like Jio: 7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch


Worried about your next product launch? Well we will try to help you out through this article as much as we can. We all are aware of the Reliance Jio which changed the entire scenario of the Internet connectivity in the country.

Reliance played a masterstroke with the launch of Jio services in the country which made other network services smoke the dust.

You can also look out the strategies that Reliance implemented during their launch of Jio so that it can also help you out in your next launch.

7 Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Product Launch

  • User target

Reliance set a target of absorbing about million users at the very first couple of months itself. A lot of members were hired to complete the targets within the set period of time. The team were eager to gain 100 million users within 100 days only.

  • Free Initial Service for 1 year

When Jio was launched, it came up with a special offer which allowed users to utilise 1 year free Jio services on their devices. No amount to pay, even free connections and free subscriptions were also provided to attract customers.

  • Everything with one time pay

Before the arrival of Jio, we used to pay for calls, internet data everything separately. Reliance figured out that fact and they started providing everything with an one time payment system, where you need to pay just once and can avail every service.

  • Free Services

Reliance made a tremendous strategy by providing most of the services for free which lured most of the users in the country. Even if you are going for the lowest Jio package, you will be able to enjoy free services like unlimited calls, free roaming, unlimited downloads at night, free Jio apps and much more.

  • Exciting Plans

Reliance introduced lots of exciting plans for the users which other service providers failed to offer from a very long period of time. This grabbed the attention of the people a lot. The plans range from a basic Rs 150 to higher ones. You will be able to enjoy each and every Jio services even with the base plan also.

  • Some other factors

All the plans are not for 31 days instead they are for 28 days, hence it plays a major role considering the huge population. Most of the low priced plans does not offer much, hence most of the users switch for the higher plans and that’s a really good strategy to follow.

  • Reliance strict actions

When you are out of your daily usage data, the speed drastically drops down which results in buying booster packs and which provides a great deal for the company. Moreover, if you are trying to hack anything relating to Jio on your smartphone, you will be banned from using reliance services forever.

These are some of the best strategies that Reliance implemented during the launch of Jio services in the country. These free services, exciting plans attracted most of the people to switch to Jio within a very short time. You can implement these strategies in your product so that it could gain more and more users and create buzz in your launch. If you really liked this article, do share it with everyone on the social media.


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