5 Movies Where Pooja Dadwal Worked With Salman Khan

Once Salman Khan’s co-actor, Pooja Dadwal is struggling with her life. Yes, Pooja Dadwal the actress who has acted opposite of Atul Agnihotri in “Veergati” (1995). She has also worked in others movies like “Hindustan”, “Inteqam”, “Sindur Ki Saugandh”, “Dabdaba”, etc. After doing the movies, the actress has worked as a manager of a Casino in Goa. She was independent and self-sufficient. But now, she doesn’t have money for a cup of tea.

She is suffering from Tuberculosis and has been admitted to the Tuberculosis Hospital in Mumbai, unable to bear the expenditure of her treatment. That is why, she has tried to contact to Salman Khan, the founder of charitable trust the “Being Human Foundation”. But, she doesn’t get any response from the superstar yet.

According to the given interview to the media, the actress has said that she has been suffering from Tuberculosis from last six months. After the diagnosis and worsening of health, the husband and the in-laws have deserted the actress. She is very helpless now.

Now from the deathbed, she is trying to send a message to Salman Khan through the media so that she could get some help from the “Being Human Foundation” for her treatment. This is the exact sayings of the actress said to the media, “I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis around six-months ago and tried to approach Salman for help, but I am yet to get in contact with him. If he watches my video, he might help me.”

After the news has been broadcasted, the video has gone viral on social media. Many of Salman’s followers on Twitter are also trying to bring the issue in Salman’s knowledge, so that the actress, Pooja Dadwal, could get financial aid from “Being Human Foundation”.

Pooja Dadwal and Salman Khan have worked together in “Veergati” only. Apart from Salman Khan, she has also worked with, Divya Datta, Kader Khan, Arun Bakshi, Shakti Kapoor, Ravi Kishan, and other other prominent actors of Bollywood.

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