[OMG]: 7 Shocking Truth About Biplab Kumar Dev That People Don’t Know


BJP India has crumbled the 25 year old long-running communist rule in Tripura in the recent elections, 2018. This resulted in the crowning of the state’s youngest Chief minister, Biplab Kumar Dev.

Born and brought up in a small district in Tripura, he had his ambitions really high and it resulted in a very positive and victorious way in the end.

Being a member of the RSS, he also served for the BJP under the mentorship of Sunil Deodhar during his stay in Delhi.

7 shocking truth about Biplab Kumar Dev that people don’t know

  • Volunteered for RSS in Delhi

He moved to Delhi for higher studies after graduating from Tripura University. He started volunteering for RSS under KN Govindacharya and many other BJP leaders which made it possible for him to break the ice finally.

  • Trained under big BJP leaders

During his stay in Delhi, he took his training under various leaders and mentors like Sunil Deodhar, Ganesh Singh and much more. He moved to Nagpur and Pune from Delhi for RSS Campaigns where he stayed most of the time at the Nagpur RSS headquarters during his stay.

  • Young and Dynamic

Biplab Kumar Dev is just 48, he is young and possesses a dynamic personality too. He is BJP’s youngest party Chief ever and the state’s youngest chief minister.

  • Love at first sight

It was the time of his early days when he used to train a lot to stay fit and all, he met Niti Deb and fell for her instantly. They got married in 2001 and blessed with two kids.

  • Life as a gym instructor

Yes, you hard that right. Biplab was a gym instructor before heading out to Delhi for higher studies. Due to unemployment, he decided to train students as a gym trainer way before joining RSS.

  • Calculated move by BJP

Biplab was sent to Tripura by BJP as he was a local and could interact with the people for the betterment of the state. This was a calculated move by BPJ and it resulted to be the turning point for their victory in the state elections 2018.

  • State President

He was the BJP president of the state since 2016 before crowning as the chief minister. He was a big turning point for the BJP party for gaining back their rule on the Tripura land after long existing communist rule for almost 25 years.

These are some of the shocking facts that you must not know about the new Chief Minister of the state Tripura. He is a young lad who possesses a very strong personality as well. We look forward to the betterment of the state. Do share the article with your friends on the social media platforms if you really liked it.


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